Ideas for a Peaceful Wooden Porch

Even though it’s still winter, believe it or not, we’ll be putting them back up on our front porches very soon. Years ago, when I was a kid, my best pal and her family had a wooden swing in their backyard among the trees. During the spring and summer months, at least once a week, the two of us would be on the market on that swing, having a great time. Many of the houses on our street had front porches, and some of them had wooden porch swings.

A front porch swing is an asset to any property, and some realtors believe that having one sells a home faster. Having a picket swing brings back memories of being a youngster and swinging. It’s also a great spot to unwind after a dinner or after you get home from a long day at work. Most new homes have front porches, but I’ve seen that some builders are bringing them back. Even if we don’t have a front porch, we can hang a swing from a strong and durable patio cover or sturdy big tree limbs.

Porch swings provide a pleasant spot for resting with your best buddy over a cup of coffee in the morning. They’re also a great area to read the newspaper or simply relax on a rainy day. Inserting cushions on a wooden porch swing makes it more comfortable, especially for staring at the stars and enjoying the warm summer winds.

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