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Decorating Ideas for Teens’ Bedrooms – Private Space

If you were to ask adults for adolescent bedroom decorating ideas, it’s likely that they wouldn’t be able to advise you as exactly as kids on what would be best for a teen’s room. Because of this, common sense tells you that asking teens themselves is one of the simplest methods to acquire ideas for teenage bedrooms.

Teenagers will undoubtedly like the combination of your specific adolescent bedroom decorating ideas with some tried-and-true ideas after you have done your research. Here are some teen bedroom decorating ideas that scream lady power and froufrou all at once.

Boys’ teenage bedrooms: decorating ideas

1. Galaxy Theme – Boys like to ponder about the universe, therefore it could be fun to decorate their room with planets and stars. Your adolescent could even be very interested in a glow at night theme with images of galaxies.

2. Cowboy fashion, which is quite similar to rustic style but more suited to youngsters. To create a ranch feel, paint fences on the bottom of a portion of the room’s wall and hang pictures of horses in them. For this design motif, the use of neutral hues with pink or blue accents would work well.

3. Nautical – Your teen’s bedroom should have a nautical theme and include several boats, ships, or submarines.

Teenage girls’ bedroom decorating ideas

1. Princess fashion – Ladies want to feel beautiful and unique, so decorating their room to look like their very own fort would excite them to no end. Add a hint of pink, lilac, and other feminine colors to add some glitter to the space.

2. Flower Energy – Nothing conveys a girlie tone more effectively than the appearance of flowers. Decorate the space with furniture and accessories that have floral designs all throughout and combine them with pastel colors.

3. Hollywood Glamour – Most youngsters find the idea of visiting Hollywood and becoming a celebrity fascinating. To achieve it, stencil a few Hollywood stars with her name in the center (similar to the Stroll of Fame) on the bedroom walls or the floor.


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