Barn & Door

Custom Barn Doors crafted by artisans

Customized sliding barn doors make a big statement in opulent homes, whether the furnishings are minimalist or country chic. Practical artwork gives the home an old world feel by using artisan carved panels and inserting them into interior doors, closets, libraries, or study areas. This helps you connect to your roots and learn from the past. For the luxury million-dollar residences in Naples, Florida, the hand-carved tree of life doors, which embody the power of gorgeous, marvelously soothing nature, offer a stunning aesthetic statement.

Due to its many benefits, including being extremely practical, rational, and adaptable, barn doors are a popular interior design trend in upscale condominiums in southwest Florida. The entrance between the master bedroom and bathroom is one of the most popular places to employ personalized carved doors in a home. The old world carved doors give your home a unique appearance, maximize space for the bathroom and bedroom, and add architectural interest. The specially crafted reclaimed hardwood doors slide right on to the wall and provide you with plenty of space on both sides in addition to the original design element. You are admiring a beautiful, handcrafted design that is unique due to the artist who carved it.

When utilized as closet doors in a hallway or lobby, sliding rustic doorways give a great deal of extra space. Additionally, visitor room closets are the ideal location for artisan-carved barn doors so that you may showcase their charm. Large rustic reclaimed wood barn doors may divide your rooms, making your waterfront home feel cozier.

Condos in Downtown Tampa, opulent townhouses in Miami, and artisan doors are additions that have been incorporated into the design because tenants value the experience of unique artwork in addition to contemporary interior design. The custom doors are made from recycled old doors that have been framed so that the back of the door can be seen with its earthing nails, which ground the environment to earth and remove hazardous ions from it. Maintaining the uniqueness of the doors is crucial, and it is a hallmark design made especially for each property at Mogulinterior.

Plans for open floors the country barn doors in modern farmhouses in urban Massachusetts or rural Virginia make the space feel bigger and less divided. If you have several sliders, as are seen in most waterfront houses, that you want to keep open during the day but don’t want to use draperies, you may also utilize these doors as privacy shutters. The hand-carved barn doors may be opened to the outside during the day and slid over these windows at night to give your space an eclectic, artistic feel.

When not in use, our beautiful, unique, and hand carved barn doors may function as a bespoke media center design, covering the plasma TV mounted on your wall and giving the space a more upscale look for formal guest meals. They are perfect for your home office since they are lovely, hand-carved, unique, and practical. We will adapt to your needs, whether they are for a business restaurant, a boutique resort, or a resort. Accept the country-stylish creative growth found in Soho, New York, and its homes.

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