Ceiling Medallions: 20 Insightful & Creative Ideas Designs

Adding a ceiling medallion is the easiest way to change the look and feel of any room in your house. Installing tiny ceiling medallions, up to around 24 inches in length, is a simple task for the average home handyman. You should have no problems as long as you are comfortable changing a light fixture. If you are hesitant to remove your light, consider installing a 2-piece ceiling medallion.

Because security is so important, we’d want to address it briefly. Always adhere to the approved security standards. Use hearing and eye protection. When using mud masks or respirators, make sure you use the correct one for the work. Last but not least, when working in electrical bins, always ensure that the ability is switched off.

Plan the setup ahead of time, before you place your order.

That is most certainly the most unappreciated phase in any setup, but it is also the most potent. It’s the difference between a quick and environmentally responsible setup and a lot of irritation and interruptions to rush to the hardware shop. The first step is to select the ceiling medallion you want to utilize. If you’re going to use it with a light fixture or a ceiling fan, make sure the central gap on the ceiling medallion matches the trim on the fixture. If they do not match, you will need to buy a ceiling medallion center or a new fixture trim ring. Now is also a good time to check to determine if the lighting fixture hardware is going to be long enough. Check the building code to ensure that there are no difficulties with your installation plans. In the event of a struggle, always adhere to local building codes.

 NOTE: Most building rules require you to leave access to the electrical field open. This is achieved by using a ceiling medallion with a 3.5-four inch central gap. Install the ceiling medallion completely to the ceiling and cover the electrical field with either the fixture’s trim ring or a removable ceiling medallion center. Additionally, ensure that the existing wiring, plumbing, and structure will not interfere with your installation.

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