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Alternatives for Bathroom Storage

You have a lot of options when it comes to bathroom storage. Your choice of shelving is determined by two primary factors: the style of your bathroom and the size of your bathroom. That said, no matter what your style or goal is, or how big or small your space is, you may find a variety of options that will look great in your space. It’s never been easier to store items in the bathroom.

There are four main types of supplies used in restroom shelves. The majority are simple to maintain, but they will give the area an entirely distinct vibe.

Wooden — While it may seem counterintuitive to use wooden or wicker in moist rooms, today’s handled woods can withstand the heat and humidity of the toilet. They’re available in a wide range of appealing styles and colors that look great in any style bathroom, from Asian modern to Victorian. Glass — Frosted or transparent glass cabinets are best in contemporary bathrooms, but they may also be a sensual contrast to an elaborate bathroom. Glass shelving is frequently fixed behind it on two aspect brackets or concealed wall mounts. When installed as tier cabinets, with all of the cabinets the same size or graduating from large to tiny as they move up the wall, glass cabinets are extremely appealing. If you require hidden mounting, frosted glass is the best option. Glass is the easiest to clean, but it is also the most vulnerable to fractures. For added security, look for tempered glass when shopping.

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